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Skip the boring slideshow of goofy photos. Show your guests a quick look back at the lives of you and your better half and how they converged into the greated love story ever told. Think of your video as a story with an exposition, climax and resolution by using photos, words and music; create a story arc. With the "Story of Us" reception video, it is fairly easy since you know the story very well. Tradtional "Story of Us" Reception Video Photos of Before and After you met Before you get started with the video, make sure that you have enough photos and video clips from before you met. This may require some serious scanning of earlier photos; but we recommend that you do not skimp on this par

Best DJ: Bemidji, MN DJ - Walker, MN DJ - Brainerd, MN DJ

We offer a variety of setups in the Walker MN, Bemidji MN, Brainerd MN and surrounding areas ranging from simple to elaborate depending on the size of the venue. Our video screens are 7' to 12' and project crisp clean images. Since attending national DJ conferences throughout the United States annually we are always keeping an eye on the latest and greatest ideas for setup presentation and efficiency. Our newest setup has recently become very popular on the East Coast and we are one of the few, if not the only company that offers this in the entire state of Minnesota. Our new 'totem set-up' is as intense as our standard setup but with extreme elegance and class. This set-up has little or

2016 Bemidji Bridal Show: DJ Bemidji MN

What a pleasure meeting all of the Brides at the Bemidji Bridal Show on Saturday! Meet the DJ's: (Left to Right) Kate Greer, Ryan Burns/Owner, Cole Ratz Our Booth included: Two 7' trussing with Chauvet Intimidator 355Z for the best lightshow in the area 8' trussing which displayed two of our 50' high-definitiion screens which would display your personal slideshow (you get access to our exclusive slideshow maker) then switching to music videos during the dance. Wireless Uplights, our 5 x 5 pop-up photo booth; which is just one of the 4 different types that we offer along with a personal attendant and a cusom scrapbook for you. We own all of the equipment so what you see is what you get. We ha

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