Your wedding, will bring your guests on an emotional journey, from joy, surprise, friendship, laughter, love and hope. We understand that your wedding day is the representation of who you are as a couple to your friends and family, whether classy, unique, romantic, organized, fun…or not at all. A gift of creativity when hiring Spectrum Entertainment, is the unique ability to actively lead an audience through either passive or active involvement and maintain the energy of a room by tapping into different entertainment disciplines to intentionally enhance, improve or change your guests emotionally and enhance the music and dancing for a total wedding experience. Even though the newlyweds are the focus and sole reason for attendance, brides often ask for assistance in creating personal, unique and original ideas to interact with their guests. Maybe teaching a dance; the shoe game, Garter Toss or Bouquet Auction.

We are more than your average “Wedding DJ” service. Our services are tailored exactly to your specific needs. You can be confident that your event will have the professionalism, experience and reliability only Spectrum Entertainment can provide. Your wedding DJ/Host will be taking on several roles beyond just playing music and making a few announcements. Your wedding DJ/Host is the visible spokesperson for your wedding, (the host) and the person guests see responsible for crafting the comprehensive entertainment experience for everyone from the moment they arrive, to your last dance. Your wedding DJ/Host is to take on the task of fully organizing, creating, building, then maintaining a wedding’s full sequence of events, then seamlessly delivering them in a professional manner that keeps everyone engaged, entertained and informed. We are experienced and talented wedding DJ/Hosts (spokesperson) that utilize proper mic handling techniques, enthusiasm, articulation, intonation, and public speaking skills, to effectively communicate to your guests to capture, maintain then tastefully energize a seamless sequence of events to keep the momentun going.  In addition, We  help keep your wedding agenda on track, while seamlessly keeping guests entertained. In doing so, skillfully keeping the spotlight of attention solely (and tastefully) focused on you when it needs to be. We here at Spectrum are experts. There is an art and science of reading a crowd and knowing when to play the right song, why, and how to read then lead your audience. It’s the right sequence, at the right time, to create the perfect mood, feeling or memory through the application of proper wedding knowledge and extensive wedding experience using multiple music genres, tempo, styles, and trends to create or change the energy in a room. We have spent many years refining these skills for you to have the perfect wedding host.


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