Bride and Groom First Dance Songs: Top 10 Most Requested

Your first dance at your wedding reception will be the one moment that your guests will have all eyes and ears on the Bride and Groom. Savor this moment, as it will be one that will be remembered for years to come.

If you don't like being in the spotlight or feel that you need a little "extra help" in this department, we suggest taking a few dance lessons to loosen you up through your first dance and this can help you to look and feel as natural as possible.

When choosing your First Dance song, remember that lyrics are important but most importantly choose a song that really means something to you as a couple. This could mean a song that you both listen and dance to, the song that was playing when he proposed, a song where the lyrics make sense or say something that you feel deep in your soul or a song that you makes you think of the other whenever you hear it. If your drawing a blank - that's okay; choose an evening to spend together, grab your iPod and start listening to your favorite songs -be sure to include the Top 10 Bride and Groom First Dance Songs that we have listed below. When listening to your playlists, think about what this song is saying about you as a couple, is the song easy to dance to - find out if you want to dance to this song by grabbing your Fiance and dancing in your living room!

We have collaborated with our colleagues and have put together a Bride and Groom First Dance Songs: Top 10 Most Requested. We have included a link (click on the title) for you to view these top requested songs on YouTube

1. Lucky - Jason Mraz

2. At Last - Etta James

3. 1,000 Years - Christina Perri

4. God Gave me You - Blake Shelton

5. Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

6. She's Everything - Brad Paisly

7. Marry Me - Train

8. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Shearen

9. Here, There, Everywhere - Beatles

10. Used to Love Her - Guns and Roses


11: Mashups

Mashup first dances started to become popular after these videos went viral on YouTube. They are entertaining and the crowd response is awesome. Soon after, a large amount of brides who saw these videos on YouTube wanted to incorporate a Mashup into their wedding day. Most DJ's charge an additional fee for taking the time to "Mashup" the selected songs for Brides and Grooms. It takes time to combine songs at the exact point where the bpm (beats per minute) works to flow out of one song and into another. This can be a long and excruciating process for your DJ. The Apple App store and Google Play now have apps that can assist brides in making their mashup song for thier wedding day.

Remember, it can be a formula for disaster if the work isn't put in on the Bride and Grooms end. If choosing to do a Mashup for your First Dance, plan on extensive rehersals for weeks at least a few months before your wedding unless you are a professional dancer. It can be a great addition to your wedding day if executed properly.

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