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We offer a variety of setups in the Walker MN, Bemidji MN, Brainerd MN and surrounding areas ranging from simple to elaborate depending on the size of the venue. Our video screens are 7' to 12' and project crisp clean images. Since attending national DJ conferences throughout the United States annually we are always keeping an eye on the latest and greatest ideas for setup presentation and efficiency. Our newest setup has recently become very popular on the East Coast and we are one of the few, if not the only company that offers this in the entire state of Minnesota.

Our new 'totem set-up' is as intense as our standard setup but with extreme elegance and class. This set-up has little or no horizontal mounts which allows the site to have more focus on the uplighting that is included and the effects being displayed. This setup is not for just any DJ; They are designed to put the guests' focus on the bride, the host and enhances the ambience of the room. This allows you to sit back and embrace the elegance of the entire evening with this enhanced setup.

Music video and slide show production is already an uncommon and specialized practice in the wedding DJ industry, hence we are way ahead of the curve by offering music videos at our events and slide show production as a complimentary service. We have decided to take it one step further by adding two 50" TVs to the upright totems. This allows you display anything you want all night long; eat dinner by the fireplace, send messages to your guests, showcase your slide show before the dance then during the dance play music videos ranging from the 50's to today's top 40 hits. Recently our slideshow services have become very popular with couples who are having a destination wedding and want to show the entire experience on our video screens. We provide the software at no extra charge and you create the video!

It is important to have a DJ/Host that can perform in excess to the quality of the gear provided, since we use the best available on the market it is top priority that our DJs are experienced and provided continuing education for the industry. All of the DJs here are of the highest skill level. We train so they are knowledgeable in all genre of music and most of all, they have a personality that will have your guests wanting more. This is why we recommend looking at reviews when hiring your DJ. We are very proud of our reviews across the board and we understand how difficult it can be to choose a DJ service. Here at Spectrum, we go out of our way to provide "More Than Just The Music" at every event no matter how large or small. Enjoy the perfect combination of experience, talent and state of the art DJ setups at a price that is affordable.

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