Create an Awesome Story of Us Slideshow

Skip the boring slideshow of goofy photos. Show your guests a quick look back at the lives of you and your better half and how they converged into the greated love story ever told.

Think of your video as a story with an exposition, climax and resolution by using photos, words and music; create a story arc. With the "Story of Us" reception video, it is fairly easy since you know the story very well.

Tradtional "Story of Us" Reception Video

Photos of Before and After you met

Before you get started with the video, make sure that you have enough photos and video clips from before you met. This may require some serious scanning of earlier photos; but we recommend that you do not skimp on this part. While scanning and searching for photos, it will make your life easier if you devote an entire folder on your computer to "Story of Us" with subfolders within labeled "Before we met" "After we met".

Choose a Video Style

The video style that you choose will dictate the personality and overall feeling of the video. For something more simplistic, we recommend the Original or Framelss - if you wore of a romantic vibe, we recommend Antique or Grace.

Add the Perfect Tune

You can upload the wedding song that you have chosen as a couple or use one of the pre-loaded songs that are in our gallery. Some songs take a few seconds to get going, so starting a few seconds into the song may be a better fit for your video.

Add your Photos

Try to include a couple of embarrassing photos from the Bride and Grooms childhood; as these always get a great reaction from your guests. Then add photos of the two of you as a couple and make sure that you have a song playing during this section that matched the fairytale story that you are telling. We also recommend usine text within your video to break your photos up a bit. Remember, you are telling your fairytale, so we like using these phrases:

  • Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl

  • The girl was named _________________________

  • She grew up to be a beautiful woman

  • And the boy was named ____________________

  • He grew up to be a strong young man

  • One day.... after years on their own paths...

  • It finally happened: The Girl met the Boy

  • The boy asked the girl for her hand in marriage

  • And the reason that we are here today... is that she said YES!

Check for our next blog about "Destination Wedding Story" Reception Video which is a great way for you to share your destination wedding with the guests that were not able to attend.

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