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All of our lights are 100% wireless. The lights actually have batteries inside them. This means no messy cords and nothing taped to the floor/carpet. We have the freedom to place lights anywhere we want. Most couples don’t want to see wires running all over the room. It’s ugly, and a safety hazard! Our lights are an RGBWA-UV fixture. What does this mean? Let’s break it down and make it easy. RGBWA+UV stands for  “Red, Green, Blue, White,Amber and Ultraviolet”. This however, does not mean it can only make these 6 colors. Modern LED lights, such as ours are complex, and can mix colors inside the fixture. A little bit of red,  a little bit of blue and UV and now you’ve got a wonderful deep purple! The internal mixing of color, allows the lights to produce a wide variety of colors that can only be made by an RGBWA+UV fixture (True White, Deep Amber, Hot Pink, Etc.) DMX stands for Digital Multiplex. We bet if you asked around, almost no one would know that! It’s an industry standard protocol for controlling lighting and effects. Lights get “DMX Addresses”, so the lighting controller (a piece of hardware or software) can talk to them and tell them what to do. You might be thinking: “Why are we telling you this, I don’t care.” Here’s why it matters: When a DJ or lighting company runs uplighting, each fixture gets a DMX Address. From the lighting controller, the operator tells the lights what to do. Now, if every light has the same DMX address, they’re all going to do the same thing at the same time. However, if each light has its own unique DMX address, each can be controlled individually, yet simultaneously. This gives the operator the freedom and control to create an infinite amount of possibilities with how the lights can be used. We can simply change the color or the room or the lights can change to the beat of the music to enhance the dance floor. Actually, we can turn off all other lighting in the room and control the ambiance with just our uplights.  



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